Zamil, the name itself symbolizes as one of the largest suppliers of fabricated steel structures to the Global markets. We manufacture and supply steel tower for telecom industries along with our supplies to other industries like power and Transmission, pre engineered steel structure.

Our towers are supplied to more than 60 countries in the world.

Power & Energy

Telecom Industry is one of the major consumer of power which is estimated to be 1% of the total generation of the planet. Approximately 165 TWh per hour is consumed per year for telecom operations. And the power consumption in teleco is growing very rapidly at the rate of 2 digits.Reduction in the power consumption is the big challenge for telecos as the demand for high speed wireless and broadband is increasing day by day. The scarcity of the power in most of the parts of the world is a big challenge for telcos to provide uninterrupted telecom services in-sync with reducing the cost of OPEX. Zamil offers strategies and the solutions to reduce the power consumption by offering diff kind of hybrid and green solutions.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators are one of the main component of power system in telecom. 25% of telecom operating cost is due to diesel generator.

Zamil infra brings to you a comprehensive Diesel Generator offering - A combination of elite engine and alternator from reputed OEMs, assembled with precision and powered by Zamil infra.

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